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Sweden’s Invaders, Traitors and Defenders (Part II) – Interview with the Leader of the Now 20 Years Old Nordic Resistance Movement

This year’s end marks the 20th anniversary of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). Under constant pressure from the Establishment to drown, silence or potentially destroy the movement, let me start with congratulating you and everybody involved for this very respectable achievement! I have introduced the main points of your party platform already, but please introduce yourself and your movement to the readers in your own words!
– I am a 34 year old man, born, raised and still living in the south of Sweden. I have a wife and three kids. I had my national awakening when I was 14 years old and have been organized in the national socialist movement since I was 16 years old. Since 2015 I have been the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement.
The Nordic Resistance Movement is a national socialist strugglegroup that works both parliamentary and exparliamentary with the goal to create a free and united North where we can secure the existence of our people. We are active in all Nordic countries and is the biggest ethnic-nationalistic movement in Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Simon Lindberg
Tell us a bit about the first years of the movement! What do you think were the main difficulties of building up a movement from nothing to an internationally recognized and respected name, still going strong, probably stronger than ever, 20 years later? I assume the prevalence of the internet must have opened new ways to successful strategies, but what do you think has changed since the 1990s and earlier 2000s in terms of organizing and activism?
– To create an oppositional group that survives is a a really hard thing – which we can see evidence of with the numerous organizations and parties that has come and gone during our active years. I believe the hardest and most important things are those that you as an outsider cannot see – to create the right fanatic and self-sacrificing culture within the organization and to have a strong leadership that proves themselves and get the respect needed during hard times.
A really important aspect that differs us from others and that has been crucial for our success is the fact that we have always been going the radical and revolutionary path – never been taking ”shortcuts” with a more populist or reactionary message to the people. Our view has always been, and still is, that it is the people that needs to adapt to our views – we shall not change our points of view for the masses. This simply because we are right.
A big difference from now and then is that the struggle is more serious and less subcultural. We already from the start distanced ourself from the subcultural behaviors within the movement – but still also people applying for membership in our organization were more or less affected by the culture surrounding the national scene. Back then we mostly recruited young men. Now we recruit ”ordinary” people in their middle ages with careers and families and also elders and women.
Also a big difference is that in the 90:ies the antifa-movement was a challenge and we needed to stand our ground and fight for our right to be on the streets – now the red scene is nearly dead and our fight to be on the streets is instead against the system that constantly change their laws to stop us and using their police to attack us.
Lastly I would say that there is a much wider acceptance for us now among the masses. 20 years ago they spat at us for being national socialists – today they sympathize with us. A majority, at least among white working class men, support our views and our cause even though they are not active themselves. Sadly enough many of them still hope for the conservative nationalists in Sverigedemokraterna even though their personal views are much more radical than this kosher-party.
Since the reason for this interview is to celebrate 20 years of activism, why don't you talk a little about what you consider to be the best and the worst memory/experience from your years of activism within NRM and the pro-White circles of Sweden generally?
– There are so many memories to pick from. I would probably say that my best memory was from our demonstration ”Struggle against racetraitors and the global finance” on 1st of May in Borlänge - last year. This demonstration was the first of many where we actually managed to gather impressive numbers under a really sincere and radical parole. We owned Borlänge this day and the sympathizers among the bystanders where way more than the protesters.
My worst memory must have been when I was in the the party National Socialist Front (NSF) and they decided to put the organization down. I and many others had sacrificed a lot for this party and put our trust in the leadership. Now they decided to betray us by instead start a new less radical party. However in the end this was for the best since this was the start of unifying the movement and drove me to the Nordic Resistance Movement where I have been since then. Even though I put almost ten years of my life in to NSF – I felt already after six months within the Resistance Movement that this was my home and where I should have been in the first place.

The NRM owns Borlänge
We all know that the Lügenpresse is constantly on the look-out for things to lie about and present falsely. What would you say were the biggest, most ridiculous and maybe most damaging media lies about your movement (or maybe about your person)?
– Also here we have so many to pick from. The Lügenpresse writes lies about us everyday. It has not always been like this because in the past they tried to ignore us – but now for the last couple of years they write about us constantly. They write that we are criminals and terrorists. Every time we defend ourself in the streets they write that we attacked random by-passers. They also doxx our members all the time – putting our names and faces in the papers.
However, I do not believe that these lies harm us – at least not anymore. Ten years ago many people in Sweden and the other Nordic countries believed what the papers wrote but nowadays only the most naive and weak-minded people do so. The majority have started to read between the lines and see through the lies meaning that for now all publicity is good publicity.
A year ago, in December 2016, a Jewish representative of the "anti-racist" Expo Foundation, Jonathan Leman reported, based on their study, that "A new study conducted by anti-racism group Expo revealed that 32 percent of activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) had no previously known links to neo-Nazi activity." This means that you are reaching out to and being heard by people who allegedly never cared or have been involed in patriotic activism, which is definitely good news. I know that NRM is strong in distributing flyers and having a visible online presence with podcasts and videos, but how do you exactly recruit new members? Do you specifically target certain demographics, areas, events, or you are generally trying to make yourself heard and hope that the right people will be natually drawn to you and join?
– We work every possible way we can – always trying to be as wide with our propaganda as possible. Therefore we do all the things suggested in your question. This is also our strength.
We have put a lot of effort in creating our web-pages witch now is among the biggest alternative media platforms. Our Swedish site, Nordfront.se, is updated with new articles at least ten times a day and has grown the last five years from having 10,000 unique readers every month to having at least 300,000. This great progress is being seen also in Norway and Finland – but still not yet in the same scale. Remember that this is for a radical national socialist site that openly speaks about race, jews, the third reich and denying the holocaust.
However without getting the web-page adress out to people it wouldn't have mattered how good the site was. For this I believe two things have been of utter importance. The first one is our public activism – where we meet people and are not afraid to show our faces. This have been really good for crushing the media-lies and the prejudice against us. People can see for themselves that we are not criminal subcultural hate-mongers but ordinary people just like themselves. The second one is that we are constantly being active. Everyday thousands and thousands of leaflets and posters are being distributed to the people all over the Nordic countries – constantly reminding the people that we are alive and active.
All of this has been possible because of our loyal and dedicated activists and therefore we go back to the things I said earlier about our organizations culture. Within our ranks the struggle for survival and freedom of our people is not something you do as a hobby on your spare-time – it is your everyday life.
In the 52-page party platform, on page 16, you talk about the inportance of spreading awareness. We can see your street activism as well as your website and news portal, Nordfront.se, but are there other platfroms where you are trying to spread awareness? For example, in the late 1990s, Dr. William Pierce bought the Skinhead record label Resistance Records, to help the cause by influencing what he considered the rootless White youth of a multicultural era, even though he didn’t like the music itself, he saw it as a tool to give this angry and disillusioned youth a sense of belonging and a push to re-discover their racial heritage and pride. Music is indeed a very effective tool to reach out to the youth and draw them in, and in Hungary there is a rather strong Nationalist rock scene (and the Swedish Vikingarock is also well-known). Do you organize, for example, festivals, concerts or other cultural events?
– Yes we have being doing this to some extent. However the downside of the music scene has been the subculture and heavy drinking – phenomenas we always have taken a heavy distance apart from. As stated earlier we are however open to all ways of activism and constantly try out new things. An important part has been to think outside of the box and show bravery and strength and of course to film it and put up on youtube. We have been fighting back immigrants, climbed really high 4G-poles and cranes to put up our flag, entered the court in live-sport events to shout out our message and numerous other things. Of course our big demonstrations and public activities are also important happenings.
Compared to country-wide recuitments and activism, how different is it to expand to other Nordic countries? NRM branches are present in other Nordic lands, do they organize their own branches and contact you, or you actively try to expand into these lands through recruitments?
– Since quite some years now we have a fully functional organization except for Sweden also in Norway and Finland. We have some members, but not yet an official branch in Denmark and Iceland. However we hope to have fully working branches also there within the next six months.
People from those other countries have taken contact with us and then we have started them up with the help from Swedish activists and leaders – and then one step at time we have let go of control when we have seen that they can stand on their own. Worthy of mention is also that we at least every week get requests from other parts of the world from people who would like to set up a branch of the Resistance Movement in their country. To these people we are always happy to aid them with advices and such, but also we are clear with that we at least for now are not interested to spread outside of the Nordic region.
Every country has their own national leadership but besides that we also have a Nordic Council with two represents from each country were we have an official branch. In the Nordic Council we discuss activities, changes and developments for the whole Nordic organization.
How much autonomy do other Nordic countries’ NRM branches have? Can we see the Swedish one as the core others must follow, or you consider them all rather independent? I understand that you might not be the spokesperson for them, but can you tell us about the experiences of other NRM movements in their own respective countries?
– We are one organization – active within the whole North – not three different ones. This means that we work the same way and with the same goals. However every country can affect these ways in the previously mentioned Nordic council and also there is plenty of room for going their own paths as long as it is done with our general way of work and striving towards our common goals.
Tell us please about the current Swedish political situation! Many Nationalists internationally seem to have hope and trust in Sweden Democrats (SD), considering them "Nationalists", but to me they seem to be (especially lately) a rather average "conservative" party that is too subservient to the politically correct mainstream to an alarming degree (see for example: their firing of Anna Hagwall who raised her voice against the Jewish and foreign dominance of Swedish media etc.). NRM also has a political branch, what do you think are the main problems with SD and in what way does NRM try to get involved with parliamentary politics? What are your experiences with this current "democtratic establishment"?
– To give you an honest and straight answer: Sweden Democrats are as good for the Swedish country and people as long gone Cancer is for the human body. Sure there are worse diseases but still it is a really heavy diagnose that you probably will die from. SD doesn't at all recognize race – they only talk about culture and ”open Swedishness” meaning that everyone that adopts the Swedish culture will become Swedes no matter their origins. SD do not want to send home anyone – they are more than happy with the current situation in Sweden were around 20% of the people are racial foreigners. They do not even want to stop immigration – only lower it.
All of this means that even if so SD gets 100% of the seats in the parliament – Sweden will still cease to exist and our people will be extinguished. At best this wold have given us some more years before hell breaks loose. They are also 100% allied with Israel and the Jews. For example their spokesperson in questions about immigration is a Jew who right now as we speak try to do her best to liberalize SD even more.
The Nordic Resistance Movement has two seats in local parliaments. One in the community of Ludvika and one in Borlänge. Next year is election-year in Sweden and we will go all in for this. If only we can manage all voters that ideologically actually are more close to our politics than to SD:s to vote for us instead of SD I can promise you that we will make a fantastic election and definitely take place in the Swedish parliament.
In Ludvika and Borlänge were we have representation we of course can not change anything since everyone is voting against us, but it has been really good platforms to spread our message from and make us even more popular among the locals in those communities. We do not believe that we will see victory by elections – the system would not allow us, but we do see that it can help us along the way.
Speaking of the Jewish control of the media: it is respectable that NRM is not shying away from addressing some of the biggest taboo topics, such as race-mixing or the Jewish leadership in subversive influences and movements such as feminism, massive non-White immigration, Cultural Marxism and the demolishing of traditional culture and (White) identity as a means to weaken and conquer our peoples. Since Sweden Democrats seem to be unwilling to address these topics effectively, tell us how would you take back control over your own affairs and get rid of these subversive movements? Are there other movements, or political groups within the country you are working together with maybe?
– We will continue our work with spreading the truth to our people in all possible ways. Also we will expand our work with creating a society within the society. The organization works a bit like this today – with our own media, our own social gatherings and that we help each other out in all ways possible. We also already now tries to be there for our people where the current system have failed them like patrolling the streets and defend our people against crimes committed by foreigners, handing out food and clothes to homeless, cleaning up in nature and such. All of this work and our vision will be even more visible as we grow.
There are no other organizations which we cooperate with directly but of course we support people who do good things for our people and are supportive toward us as well.
As far as I know, the so-called "Holocaust denial" is not directly illegal in Sweden as of now, and you at NRM don’t hide your opposition to and disbelief in the official narrative of the so-called Jewish Holocaust: how important do you find revisionism and the demolishing of the Jewish-approved narrative? In Nationalist circles this topic often falls into two factions: one group believes that focusing on the misinformation and lies surrounding the "Jewish Holocaust" is a waste of time and energy, as it’s so deeply rooted in the masses, and even if we could make them believe there were no "gas chambers" and the death toll was much lower than the symbolic number of 6 million, it would still leave us with the reality of camps, deportations and hostility to Jews, just as getting officially rid of the myths of soaps and lampshades made out of Jews made no difference either. The other group believes that the Holocaust narrative is at the heart of the power of the Jewish global elite, as an engine, financially, politically, and as a means to cultural guilt-tripping, demolishing which could strip them of sympathy and power and could strike a crack in the dominant position which could lead to their downfall from elite positions. What is NRM's position on this issue?
– We are definitely more in to the second groups way of thinking than the first out of your descriptions. Personally I do believe that the whole holocaust-question is really tiresome and would rather focus on getting our message out to the people. However if you believe that this is possible you are naive because even how good your message is you will always get hammered by the Holocaust. And when you are, there is two ways to deal with the problem – either you take a step back and defend yourself or you take a step forward and attack. Our organization are and should always be on the attack!
Several of our members got into national socialism first by understanding that the holocaust is a lie. When they saw this giant piece of what they ”knew” break apart they of course starts to question other ”truths” as well. When you do that – when you are totally open minded and looking for answers you will always find national socialism in the end.
The Christian vs. Pagan conflict is an ever-returning source of tension between White Nationalists. I believe that in our current situation, when White countries are being invaded by hostile non-White hordes, with hostile minority groups already settled in our midst (with an ever-growing level of arrogance and aggression as well as higher birthrates than what we have), who are not even minorities, but majorities in certain cities already, or subversive ideologies such as feminism, multiculturalism, liberalism, and a very powerful Jewish elite that is determined to corrode our White unity through the promotion and support of everything corrosive, I think we Pagan or Christian patriots and White Nationalists who are concerned about the continued existence of our peoples and cultures can’t afford in-fighting along religious lines. Wasting energy on pulling each others hair while we are continuously being invaded and dispossessed in our own lands seems conterproductive – once we took control over our lands and secured our people’s long-term existence, we can have these debates. Personally I find a strong spiritual core to be an important basis of a healthy society, but I don’t see NRM advocating explicitly for a specific religious/spiritual belief system (apart from hints and references to Paganism here and there, including the movement's symbol, the Týr rune) – is this because you want to avoid in-fighting, or NRM is a more secular, maybe atheistic movement? How do you envision an ideal society, from a spiritual perspective?
– I definitely agree with your views regarding priorities today. The Nordic Resistance Movement does not look as national socialism only as another political ideology than the ones ruling today – we look at national socialism as a complete world view that holds the answer to all questions and solutions to every problem. National socialism depends on a much deeper involvement and care from he people than the extremely individual focused liberal democracy. To believe in your own superior strength as part of the racial common-ship and to fight for your own nation to strive as far as possible is as spiritual as most people should need. However we will allow all religions to exist and being practiced in our liberated national socialist North. As long as these believes do not get on crash-course with national socialism I believe that religious views and politics should be kept apart from each-other. Religion in my eyes is something private.
Some people repeal to this with things like ”Alright with paganism and Christianity – but what about Muslims?”. In the Nordic countries I would say that Christianity during history has created far more problems than Islam. Still I would allow and respect a Christian national socialist so why shouldn't I have the same respect for a Muslim national socialist? However the amount of ethnically Nordic people that convert to Islam in a free national socialist state will probably be extremely few.
The march on September 30th, 2017, was one of the biggest
Sweden is clearly the best representation of multiculturalism and liberalism/feminism gone over the top. Why do you think did the Swedes, by a large margin, turn into suicidal and self-hating from the once-glorious Vikings? What do you think about the theory of prof. Kevin MacDonald about pathological altruism that is rather prevalent among Northern-Northwestern Europeans? How much are Swedes responsible for their own decay for being weak to defend themselves, and how much is it the fault of those who brew this poison that turned Swedes into blind ethnomasochists?
– I definitely agree with that altruism is a big part of the problem. The Nordic people are probably the most altruistic people in the world – always looking out for each-other and taken care of the weak (and also animals). Also related to this the Nordic people are very easy to organize since we believe in common-ship. We trust authorities (and media). All of this is of course really admirable treats in a good and light world – but in a world controlled by evil and greed – it gets you run over.
Another important part I do believe that Christianity is responsible for. The Nordic countries are among the most atheist in the world. Why? Because the Pagan religion was the Nordic religion developed by and for our own kind. If not Christianity have came to the North I believe that many of the Nordic people would still be religious. But Christianity never was ours and therefore it led to atheism. Atheism led people to commercialism and geocentricism which are the opposites to the idealism needed to actually care and make a difference when evil forces rape your nation.
If we were still Pagans in the North I do not believe we would have been in this kind of situation as we are. However once again I would make it clear that I do respect people that hold Christians views today equal to others. I see Christianity as problem for the North in history – not as worldwide modern problem.
I definitely hold the poison-brewers responsible of the things that has happened to our people and therefore I have also hope for our people and that they one day will rise again. Deep inside they still are an amazing people that are able of conducting miracles. However of course parts of our people are fully aware of what is going on and helps out in the destruction of our people simply because it gains them today – egocentricity.
Many fear that the Western part of Europe is hopelessly gone and envision a break-up of Europe, with the West getting more and more Ismaized and subverted with insane ideologies of feminism, nihilistic hedonism and gender theories, and believe that eventually Whites will move by the masses to the more Eastern countries (and this is already happening to a smaller degree). What do you think of Hungary and the country’s role in the non-White invasion of these years? Do you have any contacts or collaborations with Hungarian groups or movements that you could talk about publicly?
– I do believe that ”white flight” even if it is within their own country to a whiter neighborhood or to another country is only a way to postpone the problems – not getting rid of them. Sooner or later reality will catch you wherever you hide. I also believe that if our peoples leave their countries when there still is a good chance to fight back (and this I would say is as long as there are at least 10% whites left in the country) they deserve to be extinguished. There most be a limit to how cowardly a people can become before it is just ridiculous.
We have smaller collaborations with a couple of different Hungarian groups – nothing really serious and deep though which is a shame. If there are any national socialist struggle-groups – that actually takes the fight for survival also on the streets reading this they are more than welcome to contact us!
It is clear that your movement places emphasis on fitness, health and a Nordic/Aryan type of masculinity with the way you present yourselves to the world: dressed uniformly with flags and shields, behaving disciplined, giving the impression of a serious, young elite, ready for leadership. As far as I know, those interested in joining NRM are required to pass physical tests as well as participate in martial arts trainings to become activists. When did this style develop exactly? The movement receives praise regularly from international pro-White circles for this representation of what a strict nationalist movement should look like. I assume this has helped attracting new activists as well as forcing people to pay attention to what you have to say. What are your experiences?
– You have got the information somewhat wrong and partially right. We have different kinds of membership-levels. To become an activist within our movement you have to work out regularly, preferably with martial arts and also strive to complete our physical test. You may become an activist as long that it is clear that you actively train to pass the test.
We have always, already since the foundation, been very clear on what our movement should look and act like – knowing that only a strong force would be able to conquer the masses, however the exact way of accomplishing this with rules and tests have changed a bit over the years.
The uniform clothing also expresses strength and unity and the shields are actually more of a practical use than of esthetically.
I would say that we do recruit people with this culture but also scare others away. However it is the right kind of people we attract. Strong-minded people who really could, and will, make a change!
NRM, being a tough street activist movement, have been involved in street fights, clashes with antifa and the police, with many of your members getting arrested. We heard of arrests of alleged NRM members who were involved in bombings earlier this year, we heard of arrests during marches, even you, the orgaization’s leader, got arrested according to reports, and more recently clashes with police during the November march through Kungälv, Gothenburg. What can you tell us about legal troubles you as a movement or your activists have suffered?
– We have always, during our 20 active years, been monitored and harassed by the police, but the last year or so things have escalated. They take away more and more of our citizen rights every day in desperate attempts to stop us. They limit our rights to demonstrate and spread our message in public and they constantly rewrites the ”hate speech”-laws to involve more things. For example in Sweden it is now considered hate speech to say ”Long live national socialism” even though national socialism is not illegal, or to praise Adolf Hitler, without mentioning that you by this do not mean to praise the murder of six million Jews. They recently have threatened us that our flags are ”hate speech” - not one and one but when used in numbers, like at demonstrations and such. I am charged with hate-speech for shouting out ”Hell seger” (Hail victory!) at an demonstration.
In Finland there was a trial last month where the Finnish police tried to ban our movement in the country. We will see the results from this on the 30th of November.
Besides all of this our activists always get punished for example if they have a knife in a toolbox in the car or if they defend themselves and fight back. Even though these things should be allowed according to the Swedish laws – it is not allowed for us.
All in all I am very positive towards all of this. This means that they actually see us as a threat and that they really believe in our movement.
As you are active on the streets, do you have any specific plans or events lined up for the near future? I heard you are preparing a book about the 20 years of the movement, will this be available in English? Tell us about this as well!
– There will be a demonstration in Finland on the 6th of December – but if it will be arranged by us or an anonymous group depends on what results we get from the trial next week. Next year will be a really busy and active year since it is, as said before, election year.
About the book – it will be a really massive book with hundreds of pages – for the first time we are writing our own complete history. In the past only our enemies have done this. I'm sorry to say that I do not think it will be available in any other language than in Swedish – simply because of the amount of work that would be needed to translate it and that I guess the main interest for this book is among the Swedish-speaking audience anyway!
I understand you are a married man with three children, so thank you for taking the time to speak to us Hungarians! Congratulations again for the 20th anniversary, and we wish you strength and glory in saving your lands from invaders and subversives! To end the interview, the last words are yours!
– Everything is possible – its just up to you to see it this way. With enough people believing in our victory and fighting for it – we will conquer. It's up to you! This goes for Hungary as for Sweden and the North as it does for the whole world!
The movement's contacts:
Szilárd Csonthegyi - Kuruc.info

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