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23:57 A Jobbikkal kiegészült összbaloldali performansz és egy kis városnézés után ismét a Kossuth téren túlóráztak a demokraták - de már megunták22:35 Marokkót tömi pénzzel az Európai Bizottság21:36 Semmiképp nem tárgyalható újra a Brexit-feltételrendszer - Orbán a brüsszeli csúcson is migránstámadást vert vissza20:46 Századvég: a megkérdezettek 83 százaléka elutasítja az elmúlt napok tüntetésein tapasztalt agressziót19:28 A Kreml továbbra is kész a Putyin-Trump-találkozókra18:25 Mészárosék mostanra loptak össze egy Csányi-méretű agrárbirodalmat18:00 Négyre emelkedett a strassburgi Allah akbaros merénylet áldozatainak száma - egy ötödik sérült is az agyhalál állapotban van17:46 Gaudi: a rendőrség oszlathatott volna, a Jobbik meg teljesen összeborult a szemkilövetőkkel és a balliberálisokkal17:03 Volner: ha veszélyben érezzük a Szent Koronát, kihívom a Kossuth térre a Betyársereget, és magunk teszünk rendet16:42 Eddig 51 szánkótolvajt állított elő a rendőrség16:30 Bizalmatlansági indítványt terjesztettek be a bűnöző Dragnea bábkormánya ellen16:19 Holttestet találtak a tűzoltók egy dunapataji ház padlásterében15:29 A nyílt utcán késelt meg három nőt egy támadó Nürnbergben14:56 A jobbikosokban is ég a vágy Sneider szerint - egyébként még mindig Vona a párt elnöke14:47 Szellemi, lelki védőoltó gondolatok karácsonyra (x)
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Hungarian national dress now illegal


Today national dress effectively became illegal in Hungary. And as yet another liberty was denied of the Hungarian people in their own land, and a further step was made in the deliberate eradication of their heritage, there was nothing. No fanfare, no global outrage, no international media condemnation. Just the sight of an elected representative being marched off by the enforcers of the state.
In spite of the incredulity he faced from the MSZP and SZDSZ councillors sat around him, and in resolute opposition to the imperious commands issued to him by the Socialist Mayor. Jobbik councillor Zsolt Gyenge, calmly and politely took his appointed seat in the council chamber of Budapest’s VIth District.
On the day when, by Ministerial decree, the wearing of the uniform of the New Hungarian Guard – or any clothing resembling it – became an illegal offence, the democratically elected Jobbik people’s representative heeded Csanád Szegedi MEP’s recent call, and even though not a Guard member, expressed solidarity with the Guard over the recent state-motivated and press-sanctioned attacks it has been the premeditated victim of.
He wore a New Hungarian Guard waistcoat, over the plain white shirt, black trousers and shoes worn by his Father, and his Father before him; and countless other plain, decent and honest Hungarians since time immemorial.
When asked later to explain why he had taken such a stand, the Jobbik city councillor replied, “I consider it outrageous that a treasonous government thinks it fit to punish those who wish to see order in this country, who defend the people from gypsy criminality and from flooding, who collect donations for the needy and for our Hungarian siblings beyond our borders.”
Unable to order Mr Gyenge from a council chamber he had just as much right to be in, the VIth District’s Mayor, István Verók hurried from the room in the company of the other MSZP members, gathering in the building’s foyer to conspire as to how to extract their revenge. And following several witnessed, and furtive conversations allegedly even to Draskovics himself, the Mayor secured his objective. With police officers appearing on the site to eject Mr Gyenge from his place of elected work, and to arrest him for his enacted thought crime: in the latest reprehensible blow against the norms of democracy, liberty and freedom of political expression.
It should be remembered that, sadly far from uniquely in terms of metropolitan or national councils, the VIth District of Budapest is infamous for the vast corruption that has taken place within it. With Mayor Verók himself being chief amongst several council member currently accused of participating in massive acts of real-estate fraud.
Tonight the incensed citizens of this central Budapest borough, are echoing the feelings of an entire nation, as they ask themselves the question of why, when all this was happening, when the District’s assets were being sold off to personally enrich councillors, when taxes were punitively high to accommodate the bribery and corruption taking place in local government, why no Police were ever seen coming to the council building then! The difference being of course that then they did not feel themselves under threat. This MSZP regime, which has ruled Hungary almost uninterrupted in one form or another since the Winter of 1947, is now beginning to realise it could be facing its final demise.
And surely no-one can deny that this latest manifestation, the incumbent administration since 2002, has represented the zenith of financial political self-enrichment: the deliberate and shameful process by which the nation’s wealth has been transferred into private political hands. And if the capacity of the Hungarian people to resist this process can be eroded by depriving them of their culture, dismantling their heritage, and declaring illegal the symbols of their identity: all for the better they believe.
How else can the recent and unprecedented assaults against the hard won freedoms of the Hungarian people be explained? What else are these moves intended to crush the Hungarian nationalist movement, and anti-democratically use the authoritarian power of the state to harass the Jobbik party prior to the 2010 elections; but the desperate act of MSZP socialists feeling that their very political survival is threatened?
And as for Viktor Orbán and Fidesz, how they have changed their tune since the Autumn of 2006. How ever more deathly silent does he and his party become over the escalating catalogue of human and civil rights abuses faced by his countrymen, as they think themselves getting ever closer to possessing the keys of the nation’s coffers: and all the IMF cash that they hope it will contain. Is it any wonder that if our own parliamentary establishment can be so contemptuous of its national traditions, that our neighbours can be openly hostile to it too? Or that, confident in their secured Lisbon swindle, the EU can be so utterly indifferent towards them also?
Once more the European Parliament has seen this week a Jobbik MEP, Zoltán Balczó, demanding to know why the EU considers the subject of human rights in Nicaragua fit for discussion, but thinks the blatant and intentional linguo-cultural cleansing meant by the Slovak language law to be little more than, to quote Mr Barroso, “an internal state matter.” Well at least we know now post-Lisbon what the new EU (possessing as it does the trappings of statehood) thinks subsidiarity means. It means any matter that concerns the deliberate repression and abandonment of the Hungarian people and their heritage.
But we would urge the international readership of Jobbik.com to remain assured, that confident of your support, the Movement for a Better Hungary will never condone or contribute to this abandonment. Though we would warn you to remain conscious of the threat that you now face, should you wish to dress in national costume when returning to your homeland (about which Jobbik is preparing a communiqué to the various Embassies in Budapest); we would nevertheless ask you to look confidently towards the future as we do.
Yes you may chose to donate to the party as so many others have, you could also decide to lobby your own government to enquire diplomatically of the Hungarian state why it is now beginning to criminalize your own heritage. But most of all, we would ask you to continue to proudly wear the traditional dress of your ethnicity, while remaining assured that though we live in a country where this is now illegal: nothing is going to stop us from doing so either.
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